Book Project

Call for book project on "International Studies" by UKEY Publishing

You are invited to be participants as a co-author of a valuable book. We have started international e-book and paper book projects named International Studies: International Economics - International Business - International Education as a UKEY Publishing. We are sending you the details of our project (sample topics, dates and editor) below. If you would like to write a chapter for the book, please send your chapter proposals via until February 28, 2021. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Call For Chapter

Like everything else, the legal rules are doomed to ageing. It is desired that legal rules do not become outdated, easily adapt to changing conditions, do not contain deficiencies and loopholes and meet all requirements, however, the flow of time and rapid social developments make this impossible. At this point, the problem occurs that the rules of business left behind of development and changes, and the importance of changing the rules of commerce depending on the developments becomes apparent.

Globalization and fiscal developments are among the important factors that lead to social developments and make the change inevitable in legal rules. In this context, the fiscal economy is one of the most dynamic areas of finance. Because both global developments and rapid changes in the fiscal field require this area to be constantly updated. However, it is misleading to evaluate the changes caused by these developments only in the context of fiscal marketing. Undoubtedly, these factors affect other fields of law and social sciences also. At this point, the duty of scientists is to contribute to the development of the international business and the formation of new marketing with findings and opinions obtained as a result of the closely followed up-to-date developments.

We invite researchers studying in the field of e-commerce, international business and economics, e-marketing, education and interested in the subject to contribute to the international study prepared for this purpose. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and contributions and wish you success in your works.

Editorial Board

Chapters and Topics

Main chapters of e-book project are "International Studies" but topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • E-business

  • Mobile commerce

  • Innovative Business Models

  • Enterprise application integration

  • Business Process Integration

  • Agent-mediated e-commerce systems

  • Trading, negotiation, auction and mechanism design

  • Human-Computer Interactions

  • Online-to-offline Services in e-Commerce

  • Virtual organizations and coalitions

  • Customer relationship management

  • Agent-based artificial markets

  • Big Data and Machine Learning in e-Commerce


1- The article’s heading should be centered, capitalized first letter of each word. (European Union and China Relations) Times New Roman 14 font size and bold.

2- Author names should be written over the article’s headings.

3- Headings and subheadings should be capitalized the first letter of each word and align to left. (Times New Roman 12 font size and bold)

4- Page margins should be 2,5 cm from all sides (top-bottom-left-right)

5- Main text should be written Times New Roman font 11 pt., Justified with single line spacing.

6- After the heading, the first paragraph should not be indented, but the following paragraphs should be indented 1,25cm.

7- There should be no space between paragraphs. Also, there should be one-line space before and after the headings.

8- If the quotations are longer than 3 lines, the quote should be written within 2 indentation from right and left sides and in italics.

9- Notes section should be written after the result before the bibliography.

10- APA style should be used for references in body text.

11- The font size for the titles of Tables, Figures, Charts should be Times New Roman 10 and bold. The font size of the inner letter of the table should be Times New Roman 9. If the table does not fit, it can be 8 pt. The title of the figures should be aligned to left and under the shape.

12- Authors should read the following pages carefully. Please activate Notes from Review section of Word.